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Simplify Your World

What if you only had to make a single phone call? Most companies have an entire roster of maintenance vendors. Roofers, painters, cement and asphalt contractors, electricians, plumbers and so on. Each new project is an exercise in gathering bids, vetting qualifications, managing execution and verifying results. What if you could accomplish all of this by calling a single phone number? We invite you to call this number – (313) 350-0648 – to find out for yourself.

One call, one contact, unlimited potential

When your next commercial building maintenance project jumps onto your plate, we invite you to call Aaro Companies first. Our team of facility maintenance professionals will manage your project from start to finish, keeping you in the loop the entire time. We have built a reputation for quality work and exceptional value and we expect nothing less from every member of our team. Let us put our experience, our dedication and our quality standards to work for you.

Commercial Interior Maintenance

Commercial interior maintenance is crucial to your tenants. A building may look great from the outside but to your tenants it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Reliable electrical, plumbing, HVAC, pest control and janitorial services are crucial to tenant satisfaction. Advanced has the ability to keep your commercial facilities functioning properly.

Commercial HVAC

Commercial property managers get more calls about HVAC systems than any other complaint, but they really shouldn’t. A properly maintained HVAC system that is seasonally cleaned and serviced should run properly. Our HVAC teams are on call to fix any heating or air conditioning issue. Services include installation, service, repair and advanced temperature control systems. We offer comprehensive Preventative Maintenance programs for all commercial units throughout every state in the Untitled States.

Commercial Plumbing

Clogged toilets, slow sinks, leaks and servicing water fountains are just a few of the things our plumbing teams can service. We are on call 24/7 and can respond rapidly to emergency situations including burst pipes.

Commercial Electrical

Our certified and licensed electricians have what it takes to tackle any job. We can inspect and regularly test wiring connections to maintain code and standards for your building. We can even upgrade your facility to advanced energy saving lighting control systems. Electrical services are also crucial when outfitting spaces for new tenants. We work with construction teams to help outfit and retrofit spaces for each specific tenant’s needs.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control is a crucial service that if performed correctly goes undetected. Insects are going to congregate anywhere there is food available. Unfortunately this means they are going to show up in lunchrooms, break rooms and cafeterias and food courts. Our pest control teams can work after hours if needed to make the appearance of insects and rodents a thing of the past.

Commercial Janitorial Services

Routine janitorial maintenance includes trash service, office cleaning, cleaning of toilets, restocking of paper products and much more. Many levels of janitorial service are available depending on your needs.

Handyman & General Construction Services

General Construction & Handymen provide a number of services indoors in a variety of areas including general maintenance, fencing repairs and replacement, asphalt and concrete work, light plumbing and electrical, carpentry, painting, masonry and renovations.