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Snow Removal By CHC Total - Serving Canton, Plymouth Michigan and surrounding areas

For over 50 years of serving many of metro Detroit's top businesses. Since that time we have continued to grow, prefect our techniques, and expand the services that we offer to the business community.
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Canton and Plymouth Snow Removal By CHC TOTAL Frontend Loader

Parking Lots And Truck Dock Areas


At 1 1/2 inches of snowfall we will automatically initiate snow removal service (or at the specific request of your company). Starting at the building we utilize smaller equipment (Pick-up trucks, small and large loaders ect.) to move snow away from the building. No snow will ever be allowed to accumulate at the building. Rubber tired articulated loaders with snow pushers equipped with rubber cutting edges, as well as Dump trucks with "Boss" V plows will clear snow from all unobstructed parking lot areas. Truck docks and wells will be cleared with loaders to remove snow. Snow will not be allowed to accumulate in handicap spaces.

Snow plowing picture of CHC Total with their Caterpillar equipment

Parking Lot Salting Service


When conditions become necessary, at our discretion or at the specific request of your company, we will automatically bulk salt all unobstructed parking lot and truck dock areas utilizing dump truck mounted hydraulic material spreaders. We are not dependant on the local salt supplies (that can be depleted during bad winters) because we pre buy bulk salt, for the entire season, direct from the suppliers, and stockpile that salt for our customers only. We can even maintain a stockpile at your building. We thank you for the opportunity to provide your company with snow removal and salting service. Please contact us, if you have any questions.

Pedestrian Walkways


For snow accumulations less than 2" we utilize skid loader mounted rotary brooms to sweep snow from surfaces. (Sweeping is efficient and environmentally conscience, it cleans the walks of snow thus reducing the need for ice melting agents). For accumulations of 2" or more we utilize Skid loader mounted snow plows with rubber cutting edges (Rubber cutting edges clean better and protect surfaces from damage). All steps and tight areas are detailed by hand. Snow will not be piled or stored in areas adjacent to the building. Salt will be mechanically applied to pedestrian walkways by powered hydraulic material spreaders (This provides accurate and even placement of material)

Caterpillar Equipment is the only brand that CHC Total uses for snow plowing.

Snow Removal


We are capable of moving a lot of snow very fast and efficiently, and are able to stack snow in higher piles. This retains valuable parking spaces that are normally lost due to excessive snow. This is a great benefit to large businesses as well as those with limited parking spaces. We even have the capability to completely move the snow off your site. We understand the critical nature of rapid response and will respond (via radio dispatch) immediately to all service calls. All parking lot entrances and approaches will be kept cleared. We perform spot checks during business hours to insure safe conditions and will rectify any problems that we encounter.

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Contact Canton Snow Removal by CHC Total for all your snow plowing in Canton MI.

The first snowfall is a wonderful sight and a gorgeous blanket of snow across the metro Detroit area, which is a beautiful way to get into the spirit of the season. But by the end of January, let’s face it, we are sick of it. The icy roads, the shoveling the driveways after a heavy snowfall, the parking lots that need to be constantly plowed and salted, it can all be very daunting – and it goes on and on.

At CHC Total we can help make the long winter days more bearable by providing high-level commercial snow plowing for your business. While there are many snow plow companies and snow removal companies to choose from, you can always trust CHC Total to show up with advanced equipment and vehicles to clean your parking lot and sidewalks of snow and ice.

Starting with one truck and a desire to provide excellent and dependable customer service, the business continued to grow to include a large fleet of vehicles and a wide variety of equipment capable of handling any job whether it is hauling away mass amounts of snow or providing ice management to ensure the sidewalks, walkways and parking lots are safe and ice-free. Whether you require plow service at a small parking lot in an industrial park or you need snow removal in Canton MI and in Plymouth Mi to effectively rid the lot of the white stuff, no job is too big or too small for us.

Our services include:

• Snow plow service

• Snow removal

• Salting

• Ice management

We have a team of dedicated and highly-trained professionals who will show up on-time and take care of the parking lot after a snowstorm before your employees start to arrive or the trucks are filled and ready to head out onto the road. We understand how important your business is and the necessity to keep things moving so when you are searching for snow removal companies, let your search come to an end with us.

There are many reasons companies consistently choose CHC Total year-after-year:

• Great customer service – We actually don’t see some of our clients. They simply decide to renew every year knowing that we deliver what we promise and just call to let us know they want the same service.

• On-time – Being punctual means you have the peace-of-mind knowing your lot will be cleared when you need it.

• Up-to-date equipment – We maintain our machines so they are ready to work when needed. Having the latest technological equipment on hand allows us to provide the highest level of snow removal in Canton MI and plow service.

• Large fleet – We also maintain an extensive fleet which means, we are a company that you can rely on

• 24/7 service – The cold front providing six inches of snow doesn’t sleep so we are always on the clock when it comes to clearing your property. If your warehouse needs to start operating at three in the morning, our plows and sidewalk crews will ensure your employees can get into the lot and the trucks can start delivering.

The weather in southeast Michigan can certainly be tricky and the expectations of each company may be different. We will sit down with you and go step-by-step on what you need for your business to remain operational. Some companies want plow service whenever it snows while others may wish to hold off on service until there are 2 inches on the ground; we can accommodate any request. There are also instances in which we plow the parking lot only to have a city plow toss the hard and crusty snow right at the entrance of your driveway. For nursing homes or other companies that may need an ambulance or emergency services, we are always able to come back to help keep these critical entrance ways clear.

In the past, due to an unexpected amount of consistent snowfall, the metro Detroit area experienced a shortage in salt. Ever since that time, we have purchased our own allotment so that our customers can count on their parking lots being slip-free and safe regardless of how much snow we receive throughout the season.

Since 1959, CHC Total has been using the latest in technology and equipment to provide reliable commercial snow plowing service to businesses all throughout the metro Detroit area. When you need your parking lot cleared and the walkways cleaned so your employees can enter the building safely, CHC Total is the company you can count on. Reason being, many condos and apartments rely on our services to keep their residents safe for when they leave to head into the work into morning and when they come home at night.

When you need superior ice management and snow plowing in Canton MI, call CHC Total.