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Snow Removal Services By CHC Total INC


Pedestrian Walkways

For snow accumulations less than 2" we utilize skid loader mounted rotary brooms to sweep snow from surfaces. (Sweeping is efficient and environmentally conscience, it cleans the walks of snow thus reducing the need for ice melting agents). For accumulations of 2" or more we utilize Skid loader mounted snow plows with rubber cutting edges (Rubber cutting edges clean better and protect surfaces from damage). All steps and tight areas are detailed by hand. Snow will not be piled or stored in areas adjacent to the building. Salt will be mechanically applied to pedestrian walkways by powered hydraulic material spreaders (This provides accurate and even placement of material)

Snow Removal

For over 50 years of serving many of metro Detroit's top businesses. Since that time we have continued to grow, prefect our techniques, and expand the services that we offer to the business community.

Moving Snow

We are capable of moving a lot of snow very fast and efficiently, and are able to stack snow in higher piles. This retains valuable parking spaces that are normally lost due to excessive snow. This is a great benefit to large businesses as well as those with limited parking spaces. We even have the capability to completely move the snow off your site.

Parking Lots And Truck Dock Areas

At 1 1/2 inches of snowfall we will automatically initiate snow removal service (or at the specific request of your company). Starting at the building we utilize smaller equipment (Pick-up trucks, small and large loaders ect.) to move snow away from the building. No snow will ever be allowed to accumulate at the building. Rubber tired articulated loaders with snow pushers equipped with rubber cutting edges, as well as Dump trucks with "Boss" V plows will clear snow from all unobstructed parking lot areas. Truck docks and wells will be cleared with loaders to remove snow. Snow will not be allowed to accumulate in handicap spaces. We perform spot checks during business hours to insure safe conditions and will rectify any problems that we encounter.
We understand the critical nature of rapid response and will respond (via radio dispatch) immediately to all service calls. All parking lot entrances and approaches will be kept cleared.

Parking Lot Salting Service

When conditions become necessary, at our discretion or at the specific request of your company, we will automatically bulk salt all unobstructed parking lot and truck dock areas utilizing dump truck mounted hydraulic material spreaders. We are not dependant on the local salt supplies (that can be depleted during bad winters) because we pre buy bulk salt, for the entire season, direct from the suppliers, and stockpile that salt for our customers only. We can even maintain a stockpile at your building. We thank you for the opportunity to provide your company with snow removal and salting service. Please contact us, if you have any questions.